Crystal Ligon

Mougey retires after 23 years

She can’t remember what it’s like working at a school different from Lincoln Trail Elementary School, but she doesn’t mind.

Board discusses possible curriculum, course change

The school board discussed concerns in making the high school’s junior advisory period a graded course next school year.

Mahomet-Seymour High School teachers Jamie Colbert and Dan Ryan presented their proposal, describing how the course could be used to better prepare students for the ACT.

Village gets public works director

The village of Mahomet hired a public works director.

Defibrillator saves man on golf course at Lake of the Woods

It was a gloomy day at the golf course. Upper 40s and windy.

“It kind of looked like it might rain,” said Chris Edmondson, assistant manager of the golf course at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet.

Jordan retires after 38 years at Lincoln Trail school

Mary Weaver, principal at Lincoln Trail Elementary School, put it best when she dubbed retiring fifth-grade teacher, Joan Jordan, an “icon” at the school.

Hogan leaves Sangamon after 35 years

For one Mahomet native, her aspirations to become a teacher started in Mrs. Arbuckle’s first-grade class at Seymour Elementary in Mahomet.

Board goes over meeting process

With three new faces to the village board, the group went over meeting procedures at its study session Tuesday.

Mahomet resident battles cancer

It started out as leg pain.

“I got to where I could hardly climb into my truck anymore, because my legs hurt,” Charlie Shaffer, a truck driver from Mahomet, said. “The doctors started doing tests on my days off, on the weekends, trying to find out what was wrong. They thought I might have a clogged artery.”

Students raise money for cancer society

Eric Andracke’s freshman advisory group, the smallest one at Mahomet-Seymour High School, won a fundraising competition among all nine advisories.

Two junior high students show unselfish act of kindness

Sometimes middle school students get a bad reputation of being self-centered, but two students of Mahomet-Seymour Junior High School show that’s not always true.

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