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Getting creative: Mom of three paints murals at area day care

She's colorful.

With all three children enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year, Sarah Windingland had her first brush with free time in 16 years, and she began to show her colors.

BLAST program keeps Mahomet's youths active, strong

It's more than convenience.

For Mahomet-Seymour students in the Mahomet Area Youth Club's BLAST (Bulldogs Learning and Succeeding Together) program, it's more than just an after-school program. And for parents, it's more than just a safe place for their child to be until they can pick them up.

Making a difference: Mahomet church offers help to oppressed in Romania

The term gypsy brings to mind many stereotypes.

Some may know gypsies as a Bohemian or free-spirited people. Others know gypsies as transient people, but they are also referred to as cheats or thieves, and women are thought to be seductresses.

Concert band's performance a culmination of hard work

The saxophones and trombones, flutes and percussion sit on different sides of the semi-circle. The instruments contrast each other, making a deep brass sound or a fluid woodwind sound.

But when the conductor stands in front of his orchestra, the whole world of differences fall away to make one harmonious sound that delights the audience.

Finding her niche: Cammie Meerdink's Piper Pottery provides local artistry

Everyone thinks about falling in love when they are in high school.

And Cammie Meerdink did.

"I have been doing (pottery) since high school," she said. "I've always liked art, and been an artsy kid. But then I had a teacher in high school who let me focus on the wheel. I kind of had a natural aptitude for it."

A heart for ministry: Kings travel to Dominican Republic

When Mahomet's Mike and Brandy King went on their first mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 1999, they did not expect their lives to be changed.

"Brandy and I never saw ourselves as international foreign ministry types of people," Mike King said. "In fact, I was more like, 'Look at all the need around here.'"

Mother-daughter boutique keeps Mahomet in style

If you want to feel like you're shopping through your best friend's closet, look no further than Scarlett Moon Boutique.

M-S cheer squad looks to rise to the occasion at sectional

Who motivates the motivators?

The Mahomet-Seymour cheer squad rallies behind the Bulldogs' football and boys' basketball teams from August to March. That's after beginning practice in June.

But, who makes sure that the M-S cheerleading team makes it through its long season?

It's not someone, but something.

M-S grad Leah Bice records 'Stay' in first studio experience

Catching a professional break at 20 years old isn't something many college students experience, but Mahomet-Seymour graduate Leah Bice is beginning to experience the fruits of her "break."

Tim Sinclair to work voice recognition project

Picking up a smartphone and putting in a numeric password is something millions of people do every day.

More recently, people have been able to hold their smartphones up to their faces only to have it open through face recognition technology.

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