Marching Bulldogs alumni headed to NYC

When the Marching Illini take to the streets of New York this Thanksgiving, there’ll be a handful of Mahomet-Seymour grads among their number.

Lights come on at Taylor Field

The new field lights at the south diamond at Taylor Field came on for the first time this week, and got their official dedication before Friday night’s Parks and Recreation flag football game.

The village board approved the $90,000 expense for purchase and installation earlier this year, replacing lights that were over 50 years old.

Information sought on arson, vandalism

The Champaign County Sheriff’s Department is investigating three suspicious fires and an outbreak of vandalism at the Meadowview Apartments off Prairieview Road in Mahomet.

Cornbelt Fire Protection District was called to two different buildings in the complex on Saturday and Sunday night.

Trustees repeal gaming ban

In the end, the debate over Mahomet's video gaming ban came down to taxes.

The board of trustees voted 4-2 to repeal the ban on Tuesday night, with proponents of the measure citing the need to encourage commercial growth in a community where the tax base is overwhelmingly residential.

Turkey Trot set for biggest year ever

Organizers of the Turkey Trot are planning for their biggest year ever.

For the past three years, the Thanksgiving-morning 5K at Lake of the Woods has been hosted by Mahomet Parks and Recreation. The event began as a fun holiday event organized by several local families, and Parks and Recreation Director Dan Waldinger said they've tried to stay true to its roots.

Swimmers ask for recognition

Among the crowd at Monday night’s school board meeting were students and parents representing the boys’ swim team at Mahomet-Seymour.

Swimming is not an officially sponsored sport at MSHS. The boys’ team is led by MSHS teacher’s aide Dean Ekberg.

Gambling back on the table

Residents on both sides of the gambling issue came out to express their opinions at Tuesday night's study session of the Mahomet Village Board, ahead of a possible vote next week.

Video gaming has been illegal in Mahomet since 2009, though there are already places in town where it's available.

MSHS needs your help

Industrial technology students at Mahomet-Seymour need your help to win a big prize: a 3D printer.

They're taking part in an online contest sponsored by MakerBot Industries, a major supplier of the devices. MakerBot is offering a free 3D printer to the school that can garner the most votes via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, awarding one prize per platform.

Making connections

On Tuesday afternoon, a small crowd gathered on the lawn outside Sangamon School to watch Mahomet’s high-speed fiber-optic network come together.

Marching Bulldogs take top prizes at U of I

On Saturday, the Marching Bulldogs swept the competition at the University of Illinois Marching Band Championships, winning Best Music, Best Visual, Best General Effect and a first-place finish in Class 3A.

Most significantly, the band was named Governor’s Cup Grand Champions for classes 1A-3A.


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