Bicyclists raise $2,600 to support the Nepal Project

The record-setting co-winners of last Saturday’s bike race that started in Mahomet and covered parts of Champaign, McLean and Piatt counties pedaled their way to 274.7 miles in 12 hours.

That’s an average of nearly 23 miles per hour.

Library event attracts live-action gamers

When Jim Hlubocky, and his family, stopped by the Mahomet Public Library Saturday morning, they wanted to see what they could find.

They didn’t expect the selections to include an outdoor activity.

“We came to the library to return books and get new ones,” Hlubocky said.

Pie's a delight on Mahomet landscape

The business sign wasn’t done.

The parking lot wasn’t done.

But at 11 a.m. last Saturday, one important thing was done at Lucky Moon Pies and More.

The pies.

Mahomet dentist helps football players guard their mouth

The brutality of the game of football has scared some parents away from the sport. The staff at Mahomet Family Dentistry has found a way to keep teeth safe during the dangerous game.

Last week, they made form-fitting mouthguards for 40 players on the Mahomet-Seymour High School football team.

Multiple moves later, FitTek thrives


For The Mahomet Citizen

We’ve all heard about the bands that got started in a garage, or those companies that were founded in a basement.

For Linn Schweig, her start was a 14-by-20-foot room that she used as a personal training studio in what was then her Mahomet home on State Street.

Mahomet communicator: Dani Tietz tells stories daily online

Life’s journeys sometimes take us on paths to unexpected destinations.

Dani Tietz’s arrival in Mahomet and her subsequent role as owner and publisher of Mahometdaily.­com didn’t follow a projected route.

The teenage Tietz thought about her future and considered different possibilities.

Husband, wife the home team as M-S principals


For The Mahomet Citizen

One could say that teaching brought Jeff and Wendy Starwalt together.

“We’ve both been in education for 30 years,” Jeff Starwalt said. “We met in college (at the University of Illinois) as education majors, took a lot of classes together and kind of went through our student teaching together.

New Mahomet Township assessor carries on family tradition

Think about your dream job, the one you longed to do as a teen-ager.

Perhaps it was to be a nurse or a ball player. Maybe it was to be a truck driver or a writer. For others, it might have been to be a chemist or a chef.

LaDonna Kaiser understands about ambitions. As a youngster, she always thought she’d be an accountant.

Centerville Methodist Church prepares for 150th anniversary

There’s no shortage of oddities that strike observers as they think about the Centerville United Methodist Church southwest of Mahomet.

It could be its location in a rural area or the fact that there is no longer a town or village called Centerville.

New superintendent takes job in stride

Lindsey Hall will start her tenure as Mahomet-Seymour’s superintendent with a day off.

The Fiscal Year for schools is July 1, a Saturday. Technically, that is when her contract would begin.

Hall’s first official day on the job will be on Monday.

Her reward?

She’ll take Tuesday — the fourth of July — off.


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