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Trustees pass budget

After months of preparation and review, the board of trustees passed a budget for the Village of Mahomet on Tuesday night—a task that Acting Village President Sean Widener said is “probably the most important job we have” as elected officials.

Mahomet to hold partial census

Village leaders are hoping a special census will help enumerate Mahomet’s newest residents—and bring in some extra revenue.

On Tuesday night, members of the board of trustees gave their approval to a plan to hold a partial special census intended to find out how much Mahomet has grown since the federal census in 2010.

Mahomet voters favor Cruz, Sanders

If voters in Mahomet’s five precincts had their way, the November presidential ballot would feature a showdown between Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Voters in Seymour and the rural areas of northwestern Champaign County also favored Cruz and Sanders by similar margins.

Water rates set to go up

Village trustees gave a nod to a plan to raise water rates at their Tuesday night meeting.

Last month, officials proposed raising usage rates by three cents, to 41 cents per hundred gallons.

Wastewater rates, as well as hookup fees and the $5 per month water facilities charge, will remain the same.

Officials propose water rate increase

Village officials are proposing a water rate increase in order to help fund replacement of the community’s aging infrastructure.

The proposed hike would increase the Village of Mahomet water rate by three cents, to 41 cents per hundred gallons of use. Sewer rates, as well as connection fees, would remain the same.

Trustees repeal gaming ban

In the end, the debate over Mahomet's video gaming ban came down to taxes.

The board of trustees voted 4-2 to repeal the ban on Tuesday night, with proponents of the measure citing the need to encourage commercial growth in a community where the tax base is overwhelmingly residential.

Gambling back on the table

Residents on both sides of the gambling issue came out to express their opinions at Tuesday night's study session of the Mahomet Village Board, ahead of a possible vote next week.

Video gaming has been illegal in Mahomet since 2009, though there are already places in town where it's available.

Widener asks for decision on gaming issue

Acting Village President Sean Widener is calling for a final decision in the ongoing debate over video gambling in Mahomet.

“Our inaction on that issue has left a lot of people unsure where we’re going with it,” Widener told the board at Tuesday’s study session. “Let’s finally bring this issue to a close for all our sakes.”

Commission gives nod to rezoning

Mahomet-Seymour administrators took another step toward the future sale of the Sangamon School property this week, as the village’s Plan and Zoning Commission unanimously voted to recommend rezoning the site from multi-family residential to commercial use.

Connecticut connection for village name?

There are a lot of theories about how Mahomet got its name, but newly discovered evidence may help solve that longstanding mystery.

“I am fairly convinced that there’s a wealth of evidence that this village is indeed named after the Indian sachem Mahomet Weyonomon,” local historian Greg Pasley told Mahomet’s board of trustees on Tuesday night.


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