Among students who performed or assisted during the Madrigal dinner who

have not previously been listed in the newspaper are:

Madrigal Brass: Ella Tietz, Mara Pletcher, Clayton Burkhalter, Aidan

Trevillian, Jacob Schlenker, Elizabeth Stremming and Andrea Penrose.


Cassie Schwarzentraub, Joshus Cubberley, Tessa Stewart and Kylie Jackson.

Madrigal Recorders: Veronica HOffman, Kylie Fuoss, Soha Kassem and Riley


Serving Wenches: Meadow Perkins, Amanda Williams, Penny Sheridan, Abigail

Loewenstein, Sophie Deck, Rissa Habaradas and Kaitlyn Stafford.

Stage Managers: Mallory Fonte and Emma Beddow.

Litter Bearers: Lydia Schable and Rachel Nielsen.

Head of Servers: Olivia Ross, Natalie Heaton and Levi Frost.

Juggler: Dalen Elliott.

Town Crier: John Tender.

Adults assisting with the dinner include the following.

Directors: Nicole Kuglich and Brian Lonergan.

Madrigal Brass Director: Philip Meyer.

Madrigal Recorders Director: Susan Keeble.

Others involved in the dinner include, but are not limited to, the following.

Program: Wayne Badger.

Tickets: Kate Smith.