EDITOR'S NOTE: Emmie's essay is the first-place winner in this year's Rotary Club of Mahomet Young Writers Contest. Students at Mahomet-Seymour Junior High School were tasked with writing essays to convince a wealthy donor, who plans to build a new facility to benefit young people in Mahomet, of what type of facility to build.

"The Water Park"

Dear Mr. Fin,

As you know I want to open a facility for young people to enjoy themselves. A place where they can get away from the couch and spend time with their friends and family. A place where they can be active, and most importantly a place to have fun because we don’t want couch potatoes do we? I believe that the perfect solution to this will be creating a waterpark! An indoor waterpark so people can enjoy it all year without burning their feet on the hot sidewalk while waiting for a slide. Also, let’s not forget how devastated the customers would be in the winter when we would be forced to close due to the cold weather. Remember what happened at the Great Wolf Lodge when the outdoor slide froze and snapped in half when Big Billy went down? We now know that day as the “Big Billy Blow-out Blunder.” At least his cotton-candy broke his fall and saved his life.

“The new, indoor waterparks will have tons of slides to accommodate all customers. From the most insane slides with screaming twists and turns and steep dark plunges and loops to easy-going, gentle, but fun slides that even the most timid riders will enjoy. If you are not already convinced then sit back and relax because we are just getting started. Oh and hear this, the park will be named Mr. Fin’s Fin-tastic Water Park after you, the amazingly nice and wonderful Mr. Fin. We will have hot tubs, obstacle courses, splash pads with water toys, a wave pool, a lazy river and of course snacks! Oh so many snacks!! What would our park be without lots of food? We will have pizza, ice cream, chips, pretzels, drinks, and lots more! I can already see this park as a five-star park.

This is how an experience of a kid might go: You are filled with joy and excitement. You walk in and it feels like you are on cloud-nine! You see three sections: One for little kids, one for thrill seekers, and one in between. Next, you spring for the big rides, grab your favorite tube and run up the wet stairs. When you get to the top, your body shakes in fear as you read the big red words that read "The Spiner." You get in the tunnel and the lifeugard tells you to "hold on tight" before hurling you down for the ride of your life. Then, you are screaming as you plunge down 300ft head first. But then the slide whips you around and around in circles until you fall out into a small dark hole. Just like that, the day flies by as you are eating, swimming, going down slides, and hanging out with your friends or family. You think this was a blast and when you get home you tell all of your friends about it and start planning your next trip to Mr. Fin's Fintastic Waterpark.

So, Mr. Fin when can we start building this park? I can't wait to see people having a fin-tastic day at the wonderful park we are going to make. Customers of all kinds will be going head-over-heels for our new, indoor waterpark.


Emmie Flores