Tim Sinclair shows off the "shoes" shirt produced by Three Six Tees.

While his voice may be recognizable from his morning radio show, Mahomet resident Tim Sinclair would like people to see the t-shirt he’s wearing from behind the microphone, a t-shirt that he believes can save the world a little bit at a time.

Sinclair, an on air personality with Christian radio station WBGL, recently launched THREE SIX TEES, an organization that helps people get involved with already existing charities that are meeting a variety of needs around the world.

THREE SIX TEES partners with those charities through the sale of specially designed t-shirts.

"The idea is to essentially encourage people to get involved with changing the world through charities that already are doing a great job," Sinclair said. "I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The idea with a t-shirt is that you’re making a difference and you’re spreading the word with everybody you come in contact with that day."

A portion of the sale of each t-shirt goes directly to one of six different charities with which the project has partnered. Each partner represents a different need found in impoverished countries throughout the world.

Sinclair said he was inspired to start such a project after he and fellow morning show co-host, Pam Peoples went on a mission trip to Peru last summer with WBGL, where they were able to deliver shoes to orphans in that country.

"I came back last summer and I realized I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what that looked like," he said. "I didn’t have a whole lot of money or free time, and I can’t really travel a lot because I have two young kids."

After seeing impoverished areas of Peru, often bordered by affluent areas, Sinclair said he wanted to use "what he was able to" in order to make a difference. "I have some connections and influence because of my job here at the radio station and I’m a creative kind of person, so for me it was what can I do that involves my creativity and isn’t going to require a whole lot of money to start?"

A few months after returning from the trip he said he came up with the idea for the t-shirts project. "For years I’ve always looked at phrases that I would see and think, ‘that would make a hilarious t-shirt,’ that’s just how my brain works," he added. "So when I got back from Peru I thought maybe there’s something we could do with t-shirts that would make a difference.

"This idea started to form of what if we did something creative with fun t-shirts that look good and people enjoy wearing, but every single one can change a life in some way, shape, or form?" Sinclair said. "And as people wore them, other people would ask where they got them, it would self-market and you would be wearing what you believe. That’s why the tagline is ‘Where Heart Meets Sleeve,’ because it’s the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve."

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