MAHOMET — Behind the scenes at Mahomet-Seymour Junior High before the 4:30 p.m. March 9 performance of “Twinderella,” something definitely seemed missing:

Pre-play jitters.

“We did really well last night so I think it’ll go just as well tonight,” said Brynlee Allison, 13, an eighth-grader playing “Princess Petunia,” as she put on her makeup.

Still, excitement was in the air as the halls bustled with students handing out programs, prepping the lights to keep the stage aglow and assisting with concession sales, and parents lining up for the best seat in the house for the comedy written by Charlie Lovett.

There didn’t seem to be a mediocre seat before the stage, as the young actors soon had the crowd roaring with laughter.

Anticipating the start of the play, proud dad Brady Allison snagged a chair with flowers in tow for his daughter, Brynlee. He talked about the value for young people participating in the arts with events such as “Twinderella.”

“I think they learn how to work together because when you’re putting on a show, you have to exchange lines and make sure you follow people’s cues, so I think it builds a little bit of teamwork,” Brady Allison said. “I think all around it just helps everybody come together as a team.”

His wife, Kara, teaches fourth grade at Lincoln Trail Elementary School. Their other daughters, freshman Kaylee and fourth-grader Bree, also participate in the arts. Bree is in theater with the Champaign Parks and Recreation Department.

“She’s an actress too. So a lot of drama in our house,” Brady said with a laugh.

The MSJH Drama Club presented the play. Participating students included Julie Schultz as Narrator No. 1, Lucy Heckman as Tilly, Macy McDonough as Sally, Izzy Fonte as Tammy, Avery Olson as Susie, Eliza Noonan as Cinderella, Samantha Johnson as Stepmother, Laney Noonan as Esmerelda, Gabby Reeves/Ashlyn Labbe as Ethel, Julie McPherson as Narrator No. 2, Sabian Simpson as Stepfather, Brogan Hennesy as Bob, Elias Simpson as Eggbert, Lukas Nykaza as Mortimer, Timothy Cubberley as Lou, The UPS Guy, Madison Ade as Fairy Godmother, Jack Holt as Godfather, Aubrey Burson as Kim Kardashian, Karlie Fuoss as Kylie Jenner, Jenna Ledin as Shirley, Rachael Corson as Lola, Brynee Allison as Princess Petunia, Riley Rutz as Princess Percy, Trevor Duvall as King Roger, Ella Drone as Queen Betty, Ethan Ramirez as Duke of Earl, Ashtyn Marklin as Duchess of Earl, Asiah Harrington as Earl of Duke, Lauren Olson as Countess of Duke, Ava Eckley as Sportscaster and Meg Turner as Old Matilda.

Crew leads were Lizzie Paragi, backstage manager; Boston Hart, house manager; Kallie Stutsman, director’s assistant; Ryan Ziegler, lights/sound manager; Kaelyn Marx, props manager; Tyler Laroe, set/construction lead; Raigan Lutes, costumes lead; Callie Jansen, makeup lead; Savannah Grammer/Reese Pletcher, hair leads; Karlie Fuoss, publicity lead; and Maddie Grindley, art lead.

Brittany Immormino directed the play, with Morgan Scott as co-director.

The crew was listed as:

Props crew: Emily Kittivanickhulkrai, Maia Guitierrez, Hailey Simpson, Ethan Hintz, Kelsie Fuoss, Peighton Hunt and Addie Lagacy.

Lights/sound crew: Jack McPherson, Savannah Bailey, Ryland Fitzgerald, Braydon Roady, Nick Vogelbaugh, Josh Young, Brayden Farmer and Quentin Frick.

Publicity/art crew: Sophia Gammer, Parker Baker, Kaia Helbling, Madison Taylor, Lydia Risser, Taya Barton, Fae Allen, Claire Johnson, Autumn Paytes, Sophie Sheridan, Molly Rigg and Daniel Traficante.

Ticket sales: Hannah Hofbauer.

Costume crew: Ashley Shoaf, Kennedy McClure, Noelle Ramaly, Gabby Reeves, Sophia R. Davis, Sadie Wilcoxon, Poppy Smith, Katie Kietzman and Ainsley Smith.

Makeup/hair crew: Melody Hobbs, Ellie Henrichs, Cecilia Vermillion, Eden Sandborn, Maia Schickendanz and Sophia G. Davis.

Stagehands/ushers: Jeremiah King, Caden Ross, Trevor Bailey, Toby Coile, Noora Kassem, Kaden Jackson, Lily Niver and Kira Leslie.