CoWorking of Mahomet

Mark Kesler, a full-time business and management instructor at Parkland College, is helping prepare a business space called ‘CoWorking’ in Eastwood Plaza in Mahomet. Plans are for CoWorking to open on or before March 1, 2020.

MAHOMET — The concept of coworking is coming to Mahomet via the aptly named CoWorking, expected to open on or before March 1.

“CoWorking is an idea about shared space,” said Mark Kesler, businessman in Mahomet and a full-time business and management instructor at Parkland College.

“I thought this concept might be kind of neat. You can go to various places in town but it doesn’t give you the business atmosphere,” he added.

CoWorking, located in Suite D at 703 Eastwood Center Drive, in Eastwood Plaza, is being designed on a smaller scale but similar to Lodgic Everyday Community in Champaign, according to Kesler. That establishment offers offices, coworking space, drop-in childcare and all-day dining options, according to the Lodgic website.

The idea is to allow small or part-time business owners a professional space in which to work and yet keep them from trying to purchase larger space that they might not need.

“It’s just a place, I’m thinking, (for) a variety of people that either have a home-based business that they don’t want their clients coming to their house or they would like a more professional looking place of business that they can say, ‘Hey, why don’t you meet me at my office at CoWorking?’ and they can meet here,” Kesler said.

Under construction inside Suite D in Eastwood Plaza, CoWorking will offer a comfortable place to sit near the front of the space, plus a copy machine and shredder, then several desks for those interested to rent by the month. The space will include a board room with a conference table, and members of CoWorking can sign up on a calendar to use that room.

Kesler said there also will be a small room in the back for video chats, for example, and the business for businesses will have free coffee, 5G internet connection and more. The cost to become a member and use the space is set at $100 per month; each member then gets a key and 24/7 access to CoWorking, he explained.

The slots are limited to a total of 15, and deals will be available for those who want to lease space on a pro-rated basis.

“This is like a mini Lodgic,” Kesler said. “I just thought, you know, that might be something that Mahomet could use. I’ve always kind of thought of this concept.

“You can go to any restaurant and have lunch and sit across the table from someone, but you might need more privacy, or maybe you need a place to spread out some papers, or your laptops. (It’s) just something that I think people could use,” he added.

Although Kesler also is open to a business approaching him to lease the entire space, he said he’s had inquiries already about CoWorking space.

“I’ve got a lot of interest,” Kesler said.

Kesler isn’t new to business in Mahomet. He is behind the first Subway in Mahomet and the building of Eastwood Plaza in 2005 or so. The space for CoWorking is the first since 2006 in Eastwood Plaza that has opened up, he noted.

“This just became available Nov. 1,” Kesler said.

For more information, contact Kelser via phone at 217-649-6508 or email him at