Luke Busch was a student at Mahomet-Seymour Junior High when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The Busch family established the Luke Busch H.E.A.R.T. Award in his memory.

Students are selected based on: helpfulness, effort, acceptance, respect and tolerance. The award is given quarterly to one student in each grade level at MSJH.

Students are nominated by their teachers and staff. Winners receive a certificate and a $15 cash prize.

Second Quarter Award Winners

1. Tucker Loven, 6th Grade

Ever since I first met Tucker in fifth grade, he has consistently been an outstanding member of band not only in his musical efforts both in and out of class, but in his attitude and appreciation for what music can be. He leads by example and with great humility, and it is for these reasons I nominated Tucker Loven to be the recipient of the Luke Busch Heart Award. — Philip Meyer, Band teacher

We are so proud of Tucker and I know that he will be thrilled to be recognized as a Luke Busch Heart Award recipient! Ever since he was little, Tucker has impressed us with the empathy he shows for the people around him. He knew early on that he could have a positive impact on someone’s day, from supporting his friends and family to making someone smile or laugh or just sharing a kind word. We love his humor and his hugs, and are so proud of the bright and capable young man he’s growing to be. — Meg and Erick Loven, parents

2. Mason Orton, 7th Grade

I have been very impressed with Mason as I have gotten to know him this year, and I really enjoy having him as a student. One of the first things I noticed is that he constantly strives to do his best and to learn as much as possible in any given situation. He is curious and inquisitive about subject matter while remaining positive and friendly with his peers. He is the first person I can expect to help others when they are struggling, and he does so in a way that is respectful and kind to his classmates. His big heart and his strong leadership skills serve him well as he builds relationships with other students and his teachers, and I look forward to seeing what Mason accomplishes in his future. ­— Emily Patrick, Math teacher

We are always proud of Mason’s accomplishments in the classroom, on the baseball field, and on the basketball court. We are also very proud of Mason when his character gets recognized by others. He always thinks of others before himself. His huge heart makes him a great teammate, classmate, and a friend to many. His goals are to make good grades, play baseball as long as he can, and see where opportunities take him. Mason has the motto of “be the best you” and we are proud to see him live that out every day. — Mike and Darlia Orton, parents

3. Kaile Jeffers, 8th Grade

Kaile is an enthusiastic learner with a positive attitude. She is committed to doing her best and takes responsibility for her learning. She enhances group discussions with her insightful comments. Kaile also shows thoughtfulness and kindness by looking out for, and helping, others and is a leader among her peers. — Becky McFarland, ELA teacher

We are so proud of the choices you are making! It’s great to hear that your peers and leaders of your school think so highly of you. Keep strong in your faith & shoot for the stars when it comes to your dreams. Your family will always be your biggest fans. You are so loved. Keep up the hard work kiddo! — Kolby and Jenna Jeffers, parents

First Quarter Award Winners

1. Vance Clark, 6th Grade

Vance Clark, son of Melissa and Travis Clark was nominated by Miss Caroline Hopper. Vance is always willing to help others, he is on time, caring, responsible and he looks out for others. Vance shows a great deal of compassion towards his peers.

Vance would like to be a basketball or football player someday. Mr. and Mrs. Clark shared that Vance is a wonderful big brother, friend, son and person. He will be a responsible adult! Vance will be a great basketball player and role model.

2. Quentin Torney, 7th Grade

Quentin Torney, son of Valerie and Francois Torney was nominated by Mrs. Brittany Immormino. Quentin shows maturity, a willingness to help everyone, a positive attitude and is dedicated to doing his best each day.

Quentin’s dream is to become a neurosurgeon and to save lives. I want to discover the world and build new technologies so that lives can be better. I would like to go to many different countries to learn about them. Mr. and Mrs. Torney shared that they were very happy for Quentin winning the Luke Busch award. As parents, we feel a swell of pride that our boy exemplifies the values we try to transmit him through our everyday parenting. We shared with him how proud we are that he applies these values at school and at home. These values and the behaviors they entail are an important part of the foundation he needs to establish to reach his goals as a person.

3. John (Jack) McPherson, 8th Grade

Jack McPherson, son of John and Kelly McPherson was nominated by Mrs. Alice Smith. Jack is on task daily and has become an example for the other students.

Jack’s dream is to work with computers and develop games. Mr. and Mrs. McPherson shared that Jack is a true miracle. He was born 16 weeks early and has overcome more in 14 years than most. Jack continues to amaze us with the young man he is becoming, we couldn’t be prouder of him.