MAHOMET — Luke Busch was a student at Mahomet-Seymour Junior High when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The Busch family established the Luke Busch H.E.A.R.T. Award in his memory.

School officials have released the latest winners of the award in Busch’s memory.

Students are selected based on: Helpfulness, Effort, Acceptance, Respect and Tolerance or H.E.A.R.T.

The award is given quarterly to one student in each grade level at MSJH. Students are nominated by their teachers and staff.

First quarter

First quarter award winners receive a certificate and $15 cash prize. They are:

Sixth grade — Vance Clark, nominated by Miss Hopper.

Vance is always willing to help others, he is on time, caring, responsible and he looks out for others and shows a great deal of compassion towards his peers.

Seventh Grade — Quentin Torney, nominated by Mrs. Immormino.

Quentin shows maturity, a willingness to help everyone, a positive attitude and is dedicated to doing his best each day.

Eighth Grade — Jack McPherson, nominated by Mrs. Smith.

Jack is on task daily and has become an example for the other students.

Third quarter

Third quarter award recipients are as follows. Each talked about their future plans, and their nominating teachers commented about them.

Sixth grade — Haley Reed, daughter of Stacey and Brian Reed.

What are your ambitions or future dreams?

I want to pursue a job in sports medicine. I enjoy helping others and want to combine that passion with my love for sports. I also want to write books and become a published author. I love to express my thoughts and ideas through writing, and I hope to do that in the future!

Comments from nominating teacher Mrs. Lori Zimmerman, sixth-grade ELA:

Haley has always had a strong desire to help others. She enjoys being there for her friends and classmates, both in and out of school. She is truly honored to be the recipient of the Luke Busch Heart Award.

I nominated Haley because she is the epitome of what a “great” student is. Haley is a self-motivated learner who always gives 110% and then wants more to do. She has a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. She is always willing to help a classmate or help with a task in the classroom as she always puts others before herself. It has been a pleasure to have Haley in class this year.

Seventh grade — Gavin L Bailey, son of Crystal and Greg Bailey.

What are your ambitions or future dreams?

Gavin loves nature and loves spending time in nature, camping, hiking and kayaking. Even his room represents nature, from his favorite picture of a beautiful oak tree to the desert habitat for his bearded dragon, Phoenix. Gavin wants to visit as many parks and natural sites as possible. When he is older, he would love to find a way to contribute to nature conservation.

Comments from nominating teacher Mrs. Alice Smith, junior high COMPASS:

Gavin has always had the gift of empathy. He just always seems to be able to tell when someone else is struggling with something and he is not afraid to help out or ask, “Are you ok?” He even does it to us! We have seen this as his parents, but to have others see it and recognize it is quite heartwarming. Gavin loves the time that he spends in Bulldog Buddies and he also loves to help other students in his Taekwondo class. Recently (prior to the stay-at-home era) he had begun to take a Teachers-in-Training class to learn to help out more formally with his Taekwondo leaders. Not having this class has been one of his biggest disappointments for this new normal we are currently experiencing.

I nominated Gavin because he has been one of the most helpful Bulldog Buddies this year. I was so happy to hear his daily greeting, “What can I do for you today?” He was willing to take on almost any task, from reading to a student, taking things to the office, going to get another student’s lunch, and engaging in a daily UNO game. When necessary Gavin was able to jump from task to task, while understanding some days are just busier than others. Gavin’s ability to follow instructions, stay on task, assist others, and his considerate attitude are just a few of the reasons he deserves the Luke Busch Heart Award.

Eighth grade — DeAndre Hughey, Jr., son of Juanita Short.

What are your ambitions or future dreams?

To be a pediatrician and a youth pastor. I want to be the best person I can be so that children and other people can look up to me and not do what they see on their phones or television. I also want to volunteer in a lot of things to help out so that everyone has a chance to feel needed and special. I want to thank my teachers for always being there and helpful, my family for being so supportive, kind, and caring and my friends who are always kind.

From DeAndre’s parents:

As a family we are very excited that DeAndre has gotten this award. He has always demonstrated a loving and nurturing spirit, we are proud and very grateful for him. Great job son!!!

Comments from nominating teacher Mrs. Chris Snodgrass, eighth-grade math:

I nominated DeAndre because he has HEART…

H - Helpful to any kids around him…I’ve seen him stop and pick up other kids things without hesitating.

E - Effort in classes and effort to be the best human he can be.

A - Attitude…truly the best I have seen in all my years. I have not witnessed him breaking his positivity.

R - Respect for others and teachers at all times. I cannot even imagine him being disrespectful to a teacher.

T - Tolerance of others comes naturally from this kid. He doesn’t have a cruel bone in his body.