MAHOMET — While there have been some logistical changes, The Mahomet Citizen will continue to serve the community as the top local newspaper in print, supplemented by its strong online presence, after a November change in ownership.

The new owners of News-Gazette Media — Champaign Multimedia Group — became the new owners of The Citizen in November. CMG officials say the new ownership means a renewed commitment to the area’s local, weekly newspapers.

“We believe very strongly in weekly community newspapers and the responsibility that we have to make sure that the hyper local news and advertising from rural communities is being facilitated throughout the local area and beyond, particularly across the heartland of the U.S. where ‘news deserts’ have become more and more prominent of the past several years,” said Greg Perrotto, CMG vice president and weekly group publisher.

“Every community deserves to have their stories told and local businesses thrive, regardless of the population size or any other factors,” he added.

CMG is now the owner of 46 newspapers — many of which come out weekly — and Perrotto said collaborative efforts and a community presence are at the forefront of his agenda for the newly acquired papers in Central Illinois.

“There will certainly be some amazing synergies for content coverage and advertising opportunities with the other weekly publications at Kankakee Valley Publishing and the News-Gazette in Champaign,” he said. “I’m very excited about the opportunity and responsibility that I have as the weekly group publisher to make sure we are putting our best foot forward for the Monticello, Mahomet, Danville, Rantoul and Paxton communities in Illinois. I look forward to meeting and discussing how the newspapers can better serve each community in the upcoming weeks and months.”

“We’re as determined as ever to cover news in Mahomet and offer the community a source of reliable information that’s continued for a number of years since the newspaper was founded,” said Penny Weaver, editor. “Our ownership may be new, but our commitment to news and bolstering The Citizen’s reach remains the same.”

Deadlines for news and advertising remain the same.

The Citizen is now headquartered out of the Monticello office of its sister paper, The Piatt County Journal-Republican.

Those with questions should contact Editor Penny Weaver at or 217-762-2511.

About Community Media Group

Champaign Multimedia Group is a subsidiary of the Illinois-based Community Media Group.

Community Media Group is a family-owned, privately held multimedia company which owns and operates daily and weekly newspapers, direct mail shoppers, and other print distribution products in six states. In addition to newspapers, CMG also publishes consumer magazines through Community Magazine Group and operates a full service digital agency, Community Media Digital.

CMG began operations in 1996 and has grown steadily as a result of acquisitions and development of new products within existing markets. Senior management of Community Media Group has an extensive range of knowledge and experience in both community, semi-urban and urban settings and has long been recognized at the forefront of community newspaper publishing.