Patricio's Pizza & More

Lazaro Patricio and his wife, Vianney, opened Patricio’s Pizza & More in late December.

MAHOMET – Patricio’s Pizza & More is one of the newest restaurants in town, and it is borne of long-time plans by the owner, who already has menu expansions in mind as he and his wife get their feet wet in the business world.

“I decided to rent this little spot. It was something that I was planning for a long time — to have my own shop,” said Lazaro Patricio, who owns and operates the establishment with his wife, Vianney.

Patricio’s Pizza, located at 703 Eastwood Center Drive, in Eastwood Plaza, opened in late December. After a job he was working locally ended, Lazaro turned to the plan of owning his own business.

Lazaro chose to focus on pizza, with homemade crust and sauce, from experience working in the pizza industry.

“It’s something that I did a long time ago in Chicago. It’s something that I like to do,” he said. “That was part of my plan for a long time. If everything goes well, I hope I can do coffee and pizza maybe in the future.”

The business offers numerous kinds of pizza, ranging from BBQ pizza to vegetarian, Hawaiian and more. The restaurant also offers hamburgers, wings, salads and spaghetti. Pizza is sold by the slice as well, and patrons can dine-in or order carryout.

“Most people, they like the deluxe pizza,” Lazaro said.

The couple operate the business themselves with just one part-time employee. Word is spreading about Patricio’s, and more people are giving the pizza a try.

“It’s picking up a little bit. It’s getting better,” said Lazaro.

In the future, he hopes to pair the pizza offerings with coffee, such as iced coffee in the summer. More toppings and more variety are planned as well.

The business is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 2-9 p.m. on Sundays. Patricio’s phone number is 217-590-0786.