Nate Brown, 6, of Fisher stays close to his grandmother, Kim Brown, of Paxton during their visit to Santa in Mahomet on Saturday. He eventually was comfortable and did talk with Santa, handing over his Christmas wish list

MAHOMET — Christmas comes but once a year, but Saturdays are good for research, and Santa knows that.

From his white chair in a building on Main Street, Saint Nick was polling kids about their top wishes, as well as handing out gift bags.

"I'm getting a lot of requests for Legos and LOLS," he said Saturday.

What's an LOL?

"I don't know," Santa admitted.

Neither did Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce member Matt Difanis, who was taking photos of the kids with Santa. Not one adult knew.

It took a 9-year-old to bring forth the knowledge.

Mya Pettenger patiently explained, "LOLs are little dolls."

And really, grown-ups who don't know that are way in the dark: "LOL Surprise dolls have become the hottest toy this holiday season, earning a spot on multiple best-seller lists," Business Insider reported Saturday. They come with hidden toys.

Mya, by the way, has been very good this year, by her estimation.

Also in the not naughty but nice category is her companion, Kylah Rice, 8, also of Mahomet.

And she too had a stumper: "I asked for a rare tiger cat from LPS."

LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop.

Nate Brown, 6, of Fisher, is more of a traditionalist. He wants a Lego toy.

But Nate is also high tech.

"I got a text," he said, announcing that Santa Claus was coming to town.

Elizabeth Davis of the Mahomet Area Chamber of Commerce said the three days of celebration are packed with events.

"Friday was fantastic," she said. It raised money for charities like Mahomet Helping Hands and the Mahomet Area Youth Club.

It helps that the Village Christmas events are not just for kids.

"I'm a grandmother and I still love Santa," said Gloria Humphrey of Champaign, who brought her family to soggy Main Street.

Santa was still handing out candy canes on Sunday, and there was even a "Clark Griswold Mahomet" lights up beginning at dusk.