This pandemic came quickly and has spread fast. None of us had time to prepare for this, and we are now trying to take the precautionary measures we can to protect ourselves and those we care about. Many of us, including myself, are in shock and are dismayed over what is happening in the United States. The most powerful country in the world. It seems like the entire world has turned upside down, but the reality is that all of us are in this together. Whether we want to be or not. Every bad situation also brings out something good. Without going into deep detail here are the pros and cons I have found during this pandemic.


Con: The politicians have tried to divide our beautiful country for their own benefits. Instead of a united America they hoped to fractured it.

Pro: The virus broke through these walls and now we are all thinking of each other again.


Con: People were so focused on making money and saving for their future.

Pro: The stock market pulled the rug out from under many people’s lives. We should be living in the present and not just focusing on the future.

Stay at Home

Pro: Families are told to stay home to protect themselves and others.

Con: There are many families who don’t get along or can’t afford to stay home and not work.


Pro: Parents have to teach their own kids and they are having a hard time. I hope now everyone can appreciate teachers and give them the credit they deserve.

Con: Many students may fall behind because of the disparity in education services.


Con: Many people thought that money and insurance can buy wealth, health, and prosperity.

Pro: Lots of people have had both but you can’t buy life.


Con: Some grocery store shelves are empty because of panic buying and hoarding. People are buying food like there is no tomorrow, with no consideration for their neighbors.

Pro: Food expires. Learn to value what you have and not live in excess. What happened to the value of life? Are we living to eat or eating to live?


Con: The obesity in the US is skyrocketing.

Pro: Now, while people are home, there’s no excuse not to lose weight and exercise.

Thinking of Others

Pro: We are more aware of our blessings. We are alive, we have a place to sleep and a roof over our heads. Be thankful.

Pro: Learn the difference between a need and a want. You will be surprised by how little we need.

Pro: The doctors, nurses and medical related field are risking their lives for us. Don’t forget they are human just like us and they also have families like us.


Con: We teach kids how to be clean. Many adults have to learn all over again.

Pro: Cleanliness should be a part of our daily lives. It is one of the main defenses we have.

Con: Why are we spending money on hand sanitizers?

Pro: Wash your hands with hot water and soap.


Pro: Working from home is a technological benefit many have taken advantage of. But it is a challenge for many people. Still, would you rather have no job? Be grateful.

Con: Many people don’t have the luxury of working from home, and need the country to reopen so they can return to work.

The American Dream

Con: The American dream has become about having bigger and better everything, right?

Pro: Ask any immigrant and you will be shocked by how grateful we are to simply live in the USA.


Con: I feel like we have lost balance in many areas of our life.

Pro: This is our chance to find balance again.


Pro: We have been given a chance to reconnect with people. Almost all of us have smartphones in our hands, and it only takes a moment to send a message to someone you care about.

These are just some surface pros and cons that have come to mind. There are many benefits happening during the coronavirus pandemic here and all around the world. If we always do the same thing, we will always get the same results. This is our chance to change. The choice is ours. If we don’t learn and improve ourselves now, then I don’t know when we will.

Life is beautiful — don’t waste it on what’s not important.